Tune in to our Vlog Episodes on YouTube by Nine Five Media

Tune in to our Vlog Episodes on YouTube by Nine Five Media

Starting back in August, Nine Five Media started documenting the happenings around Windrock Bike Park and releasing episodes to keep you plugged in. After finishing up a trail building project in Townsend, TN (2.5mi single track, 12 ramps, and a wall ride) the trail crew made their way back home to The Rock. The crew’s primary focus shifted to cleaning up all the trails before winter comes. The Southeast can receive a lot of rain in the fall and winter so getting ahead of the weather is a top priority.

This clean-up effort included resurfacing of Talladega, a new beginner jump line at the free ride section up top, drainage improvements, and general maintenance on all of the trails. Fall is a great time to get some riding in, so come ride and see the freshness all over the mountain. As always, we have coaching services and rentals available if you need some support. 

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